PRESS RELEASE Karen White Named Branch Manager At Cherry St. Location of Mutual Credit Union

Press Release 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 

Mutual Credit Union Announces, Karen White as the New Branch Manager at the Cherry Street branch in Vicksburg, MS 

Vicksburg, Miss. – - Mutual Credit Union is pleased to announce the promotion of Karen White to Branch Manager of the Cherry Street branch located in Vicksburg, MS. Karen began her career at Mutual on October 2, 1989, as a Member Service Representative. Karen has since served in various roles during her 30 years that include, clerical/data processing, loans processing, collections officer, loan closer, underwriter, and currently serving as a loan officer. We are very fortunate to have Karen’s over 30 years of expertise in finance, collections, and lending in our Mutual CU Family.  

Michael Mathews, President of Mutual Credit Union stated, “Karen has consistently been a driving force in the credit union providing best in class service and we can’t wait to see her take the lead as we continue into the future.” 

Mutual Credit Union continues to be a multi-branch financial institution offering world-class products and services in the following counties: Warren, Hinds, Yazoo, Issaquena, Sharkey, Claiborne, and Copiah counties with an expanded presence now in Lowndes County, MS and Pickens County, Alabama. This year, 2021, we celebrate 90 years of serving our members and our communities. Although Mutual CU might look a little different now than it did in 1931, we remain your credit union focused on ‘people helping people.’ We continue to look to the future and to secure the economic prosperity of our members. 

For more information about Mutual Credit Union, please follow this link to our webpage. For additional questions, please contact the marketing department at or call (601) 636-7523 ext. 1226.


What You Need to Know About Smishing Scams

Text messaging has come under attack as one of the most vulnerable media for identity theft and more. Here’s what you need to know about an SMS message-based scam called “smishing.”

How it works

Smishing scams use text messages to establish contact with the intended victim to later access their personal information.

The scam begins with a supposedly urgent text appearing to be from the victim’s financial institution. The text may claim that the victim’s checking account is locked, or that there has been an unauthorized purchase charged to the victim’s account. The scammer will warn that immediate action must be taken.

The victim is then instructed to call a specified number and, upon doing so, will be asked to share their financial information. Once they’ve got their hands on this info, the scammer is free to steal the victim’s identity, empty their accounts or go on a shopping spree on the victim’s dime.

Zelle payment scams are on the rise – if you haven’t initiated a Zelle payment it’s a scam – don’t fall for it!

Who are the victims?

Smishing scams primarily target people who do their banking online, but fraudsters will use any cellphone number they can find. If you own a checking account and a cellphone, you are a candidate for a smishing scam.

Recognizing smishing scams

Your credit union will not alert you of a possible fraud or account lockdown via text; we prefer more personal means to help you know it’s us.

Also, the phone number the smishing text instructs you to call is not ours. You can reach us at 877-457-3654 . If you’re told to contact us at a different number, it’s not us you’re calling!

You can also spot the smishing scam just by looking at the phone number. The text will often appear to come from a number that is obviously fake.

If you’ve been targeted

If you receive a suspicious-looking text, do not engage the texter! Jot down the scammer’s number and delete the message. Let us know about the smishing attempt, tell all your friends and alert the FTC.

If you’ve fallen for the scam and your accounts have been compromised, alert your credit card companies and be sure to let us know, too.

Protecting yourself

  • Always use two-factor authentication for banking app and sites.
  • Use strong and different passwords across your accounts and apps.
  • Ignore all text messages from unknown numbers.
  • Don’t let those crooks get their hands on your money!

Your Turn: Have you been targeted by a smishing scam? Tell us about it in the comments!


Vicksburg, Miss. – – Construction will begin Monday, September 13th, 2021, on the parking lot and drive through access lanes at the Clay Street branch of Mutual Credit Union located at 4210 Clay Street in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The phases of construction are expected to last between 45 to 90 days (about 3 months) depending on weather impacts to construction.

Mutual is committed to ensuring that service remains top priority though drive-through traffic is expected to be impacted during this time. Construction is expected to impact only one lane of the four-lane drive through at a time beginning with the outermost lane proceeding inward toward the building.

The planned improvements to the parking and drive-through area are expected to increase traffic flow capability allowing for better ease of access to drive-up services. “As Mutual [Credit Union] continues to grow to meet our membership’s ever-changing needs, some growing pains are expected” says Mutual Credit Union President, Michael Mathews. “We know that the result will provide for a better experience for anyone using Mutual’s drive through services at the Clay Street location.”

Mutual Credit Union strives to provide world class financial solutions and service. To reduce the impact to wait times during construction, use lobby teller services, visit any of our other convenient locations, use the Mutual Mobile App to make check deposits, or try our full-service ATMs that accept check and cash deposits, visit during non-peak hours (mid-morning or mid-afternoon), and avoid the busiest days – the first few or last few days of the month.

For more information about Mutual Credit Union please follow this link to our webpage. For additional questions, please contact the marketing department at or by calling (601) 636-7523 ext. 1226.