Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

This holiday season, take a break from frenzied consumerism by thinking about those who are truly less fortunate than you.Soup Kitchen Choose one block of time this month to volunteer at a local soup kitchen. When the colder weather draws larger than normal crowds, they can certainly use all the help you can offer. 

Once you’ve been given your job, roll up your sleeves and get to work – but be sure to keep your eyes open. Offer a smile to those who look especially downtrodden, a helping hand to the infirm and some warm words to anyone who can use it. Serve up lunch with an extra dose of kindness and brighten people’s day. 

When your shift is complete, you’ll find that you haven’t only given of your energy and time, you’ve also gained a new perspective in life by rubbing shoulders with the needy. When you dive back into your holiday prep, you’ll remember to appreciate all you have. 

Turn the holidays into a happy time for others! 

Ways to Serve or Donate in our Local Community:

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