12 Things To Do Before Your Summer Getaway

car packing for vacation

Heading out of town for vacation? Whatever your plans, here’s a list of things to take care of before you leave. 

1.) Let us know about your plans 

Give us a call at 877-457-3654 before you set off on your vacay. Let us know your vacation destination so we know to honor any card transactions you make while in another state. You can also visit https://www.mutualcu.org and complete the Travel Notification Form. If you’re traveling overseas, ask us about foreign transaction fees and best practices for using cash and cards. We’ll help you make the best decisions for managing your money while you’re away. You can also view the shared branching network with list of branch and ATM locations to avoid transaction fees and ATM fees. 

2.) Check your auto insurance plan for coverage 

If you plan on renting a car, check with your auto insurance provider to find out if rental cars are covered in your policy. 

3.) Pay all your bills 

Before heading out, make sure all of your monthly bills are paid up. You don’t want to be busy paying bills during your vacay or risk getting late fees. 

4.) Automate your email 

Set up an automatic email response that lets people know you’re out of the office to avoid appearing unprofessional or shoddy. 

5.) Put your mail on hold 

If you’ll be gone a while, ask the USPS to hold your mail at the post office until your return. You can do this online! 

6.) Unplug your electronics 

Pull the plug on all small appliances and electronics before you leave to prevent vampire energy leakage. 

7.) Clean your home 

Before your departure, give your house a thorough cleaning so you’ll be greeted by a spotless, clean-smelling house upon your return. You’ll also help avoid an invasion by ants or other critters. 

8.) Let your mobile service provider know about your travel plans 

If you’re travelling abroad, check with your cellphone company about possible overseas service plans that allow you to use your smartphone for calls, texts and internet access when on vacation. 

9.) Shut your main water supply 

Avoid coming home to a flood by turning off your water supply before leaving.   

10.) Adjust your thermostats 

If you have the AC blasting throughout the summer, remember to adjust your thermostat before leaving. Turning it off completely is unwise, as you’ll want some air to circulate to keep humidity under control and to avoid mold growth. Also, set your hot water heater to vacation mode/setting. 

11.) Invest in a timer 

Keep the prowlers out by setting your lights to go on and off in different rooms and at different times of the day throughout your vacation. 

12.) Confirm your reservations 

It’s a good idea to confirm your flight, hotel room, car rental and attractions before setting out on your trip. 

Here’s hoping you have the vacation of a lifetime from all of us here at Mutual Credit Union! 

Your Turn: Share your own pre-vacation to-do list with us in the comments.






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